Fire Sprinkler System Repair in Pennsylvania

Buildings where sprinkler systems are present and operating properly see a drastic reduction in property damage after a fire. When you need fire sprinkler repairs, you should take it seriously. And your chosen fire protection company should, too!

At Liberty Fire Solutions our team carries decades of experience and a commanding knowledge of all commercial fire sprinkler systems, types, and applications. Not only do we take sprinkler repair seriously; we also consider your business’s safety our top priority.

How to Tell When You Need Fire Sprinkler Repairs

In the majority of cases, a need for sprinkler repair will be discovered as a part of a fire sprinkler inspection by a fire protection company. Because building owners rarely look at their sprinkler system, inspections and routine maintenance by a professional fire protection company are critical. Otherwise, your business could be at risk of extensive fire or water damage without even knowing it.

Outside of weekly, monthly, or quarterly inspections, there are also some visual indicators that you may need fire sprinkler repair. These include:

  • Signs of leaking – Of course a leaking sprinkler head or associated pipe demand immediate repairs. However, also keep in mind that your sprinkler’s piping runs throughout a significant portion of your structure. Look for other common signs of leaking in walls, including dark patches, mold infestation, and weak walls or ceilings.
  • Visible damage to sprinkler heads – Weekly visual inspections of your sprinkler heads are highly advised. User error or an accident may have potentially knocked and loosened a sprinkler head, or rust and corrosion may also be an issue with older sprinklers.
  • False fire sprinkler alarms or operation – A properly functioning sprinkler system should never go off when it doesn’t need to. Occasionally this can happen because of physical damage, or aged sprinkler systems that are no longer functioning properly.

Whether your need for repair was discovered as a part of a routine inspection or a failed or damaged component, you can count on Liberty Fire Solutions. We repair all fire sprinkler types including wet fire sprinklers, dry chemical sprinklers, deluge sprinklers, and fire pumps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that your fire sprinkler system be tested by professional fire protection technicians at least four times per year.

Although water is used to diffuse fires, the purpose of a fire sprinkler system is to use as little water possible in as little space possible to control the fire in its early stages when less water is needed.

Fire sprinklers are installed in buildings’ walls and ceilings with water stored within the pipes. Sprinkler heads have a fusible link that melts from heat given off by a fire. When it melts away, the sprinkler opens up, spraying water evenly to extinguish the flames.