Fire Protection Services for Religious Organizations

Like any other industrial building, places of worship, such as cathedrals, synagogues, or churches, have unique fire protection needs. Liberty Fire Solutions has served Central Pennsylvania and Western Maryland property owners for years.

We service and install superior fire protection systems, ensuring your property and its occupants will be ready if a fire breaks out. Liberty Fire Solutions is your single source for fire safety solutions.

Fire Extinguishers

When properly selected and installed, fire extinguishers provide building occupants with a means to put out fires. Liberty Fire Solutions is here to ensure you’ll be ready for an emergency.

We’re Pennsylvania’s one-stop solution for fire extinguishers, including professional installation that meets state requirements. Our fire extinguisher services include:

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Sprinkler Systems & Fire Pumps

Churches, cathedrals, temples, and other worship facilities aren’t typically occupied 24/7. If a fire ignites while the building is empty, the fire sprinkler system will sense the heat and automatically turn on.

These systems can greatly reduce the spread of fire damage, making them an essential tool.

Liberty Fire Solutions offers a full range of fire sprinkler and fire pump services, including:

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Every facility should have an escape plan ready in the event of a fire. Religious organizations and buildings typically host a large crowd, so being able to guide occupants out of your building quickly is critical.

Liberty Fire Solutions will light the way. We provide churches and other places of worship with exit and emergency lighting. Contact us for:

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchens are common in places of worship. They provide a means to prepare large amounts of food for community events and church gatherings.

Liberty Fire Solutions offers services unique to commercial kitchens, including:

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When you need fire protection services for your religious organization, look no further than Liberty Fire Solutions. Our highly skilled fire safety experts have the experience and tools to bring enhanced safety and reliability to your religious facility.

We’ve served Central Pennsylvania and Western Maryland for years, so you can be confident when you partner with us.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and bring improved fire protection to your facility.

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