Kitchen Fire Suppression Repair in Pennsylvania

Liberty Fire Solutions provides first-class fire protection services to a wide range of industries throughout Pennsylvania, including commercial restaurant kitchens and other food-related businesses. 

Our goal as a commercial fire protection company is to assist our customers in the food industry in protecting lives and businesses from the devastation of a commercial kitchen fire. Along with kitchen fire suppression repairs, we also offer kitchen system inspections and kitchen system installations.

Signs You Need To Repair Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Even the most dependable fire suppression systems need periodic repair. Common signs a commercial kitchen fire suppression system is at risk include:

  • Corroded tanks
  • Under-pressurized tanks
  • Clogged nozzles
  • Loose pipes and/or copper tubing
  • Improper nozzle, conduit, or detector locations
  • A malfunctioning automatic actuation switch
  • No remote pull stations response
  • System cartridges have not been regularly replaced
  • Any other apparent defects

Regular maintenance discovers problem spots before they turn into major issues and ensures your fire suppression system turns on automatically when a fire starts to keep your business safe.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection Services

Liberty Fire Solutions provides comprehensive commercial kitchen fire suppression system inspection services to ensure your fire suppression equipment meets all applicable fire code regulations and operates correctly.

When you take proactive steps to maintain your commercial kitchen fire suppression system, you ensure it’s prepared at all times to protect anyone in the building when a kitchen fire occurs.

Why Choose Liberty Fire Solutions for Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Repairs in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania restaurants and other food preparation businesses in the commercial food preparation industry trust Liberty Fire Solutions for all their commercial kitchen fire suppression repair needs. 

Our more than four decades of experience and expertise in installing, inspecting, repairing, and maintaining all types of fire protection systems throughout Pennsylvania are second to none.

Contact Liberty Fire Solutions online today or call 844-291-9856 to learn more about how commercial kitchen fire suppression systems can benefit and protect your Pennsylvania restaurant or other food preparation business.