Special Hazard Fire Suppression Installation in Pennsylvania

Special hazard fire suppression systems protect businesses with an increased risk of certain fire events, including grease, electrical, and flammable liquid fires. They’re typically used in data and IT centers, computer server rooms, chemical and power plants, hospitals, and similar properties.

Installing a special hazard fire suppression system in your commercial facility or building helps prevent devastating damage during a fire.

With over 40 years of experience helping business owners and property managers keep their buildings safe from fire, Liberty Fire Solutions is the leading commercial fire protection provider in the Mid-Atlantic.

Businesses throughout central Pennsylvania rely on us for all their fire safety solutions, including fire suppression installations.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

Special hazard fire suppression systems extinguish flames and protect against catastrophic loss of life and damage to valuable assets. These advanced systems use extinguishing agents instead of water to combat flames and minimize damage to your building and its contents.

The skilled team at Liberty Fire Solutions specializes in the installation of various special hazard fire suppression systems from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including:

  • FM-200 systems: For businesses that depend on sensitive computer, electronic, and communications equipment to operate, FM-200 is the ideal waterless fire suppression system. It uses chemical and physical mechanisms to discharge gas directly onto combustible material surfaces, lowering their temperature below the ignition point. Because it deploys quickly and leaves no oily residue, water, or particulate, you have shorter downtimes and offer your staff greater protection.
  • Halon systems: Our halon system inspections and repairs meet strict EPA requirements and NFPA standards. If you want to remove a halon system and invest in a more environmentally friendly option, our specialists will work with you to install another system.

Why Choose Liberty Fire Solutions?

Our special hazard fire suppression installations offer peace of mind for businesses with sensitive equipment. Our experienced team understands how these advanced systems work and can provide expert services that protect your investments, ensure uninterrupted operations, and minimize fire-related damages.

For over four decades, we’ve provided best-in-class fire safety services to central Pennsylvania businesses that depend on us for:

  • Exceptional customer support for all their fire safety needs
  • Knowledgeable technicians, thoroughly trained and certified to install the highest standard systems
  • Timely project completion and consistent communications

Contact Liberty Fire Solutions at 844-291-9856 for more about our special hazard fire suppression services or to request a quote for installation.