Fire Protection Services in DuBois, PA

Every 65 seconds, a structure fire breaks out in the United States. The National Fire Protection Association estimates these fires cause more than $15 billion in damage each year. Protecting your business from the risk of fire is the best way to ensure your property doesn’t become the next statistic.

At Liberty Fire Solutions, our certified specialists can help protect your business, employees, and customers from fire hazards. For more than 40 years, our team has performed installations, provided testing, and performed maintenance services throughout the region. When you need fire protection for your business, we have the skills and expertise to ensure that you have effective fire suppression and prevention systems installed and ready to go.

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Fire Suppression System Installation Services in DuBois

Fire suppression systems are your best protection against a catastrophic fire and the deaths and damage an out-of-control blaze can cause. Fire suppression systems will dramatically reduce the risk of injuries, fatalities, and property damage when properly installed. Our fire suppression products and services will enhance your safety and ensure regulatory compliance. We offer a wide range of solutions that we can customize for the needs of your industry, including:

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Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

DuBois Fire Safety Inspections & Testing

Routine inspections and testing of your fire protection systems are essential tasks for your safety. Our testing ensures your systems will work as designed in the event of a fire. Our skilled technicians can perform the following inspection and testing services in DuBois:

We’re ready to ensure your fire protection systems deliver superior performance and protection. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for fire safety inspections and testing in DuBois.

Fire Safety Training Services for DuBois, PA-Area Businesses

Fire safety training ensures that your employees know how to manage a crisis safely and effectively. Our certified training specialists can teach your teams everything they need to know to respond to an emergency. Our training includes OSHA standards and requirements, system function and operation, communications skills, and the use of software such as ServiceTrade, and more to ensure accurate reporting and effective emergency response.

Our training services in DuBois help prepare your teams for critical events, including:

  • Fire equipment maintenance
  • Emergency planning
  • Evacuation routes
  • Responses to different fire events
  • Fire safety protocols
  • Fire drills
  • Operating fire suppression equipment

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Depend On Liberty Fire Solutions in DuBois

Our certified fire protection specialists can install, maintain, inspect, and repair your life safety systems. We can train your personnel, provide reliable recommendations, and ensure your business complies with applicable codes and standards.

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