Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Pennsylvania

Commercial fire extinguishers are an essential safety feature for many businesses and industries. Designed to extinguish small fires quickly and effectively, they help prevent extensive damage by a larger blaze.

Commercial fire extinguishers typically last anywhere from five to 12 years.

It’s crucial to have fire extinguishers routinely inspected to meet local, state, and federal regulations and ensure they’re in good working condition and can function correctly in case of a fire.

Every business with installed fire extinguishers should designate a team member responsible for checking each extinguisher once a month to ensure:

  • They’re in the correct location.
  • They have a clear and legible tag.
  • The seal is unaltered.
  • There’s no visible damage.
  • They’re easily accessible.

As required by guidelines established by the NFPA and enforced by OSHA, you must hire a licensed company to perform annual inspections.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Our Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services

The professional team at Liberty Fire Solutions is trained and certified to inspect all types of commercial fire extinguishers, including:

  • Class ABC fire extinguishers
  • Class D fire extinguishers
  • Class K fire extinguishers
  • And more 

We adhere to strict checklists during each inspection, ensuring all components and functions are inspected and accounted for.

Standard tasks performed during an annual fire extinguisher inspection include checking whether:

  • There’s damage, or it’s missing parts.
  • The extinguisher has been removed from its cabinet or bracket.
  • The hose or pull pin is damaged.
  • The extinguisher is charged.
  • The equipment is due for a hydro test.
  • The extinguisher’s gauge needle is in the green zone.
  • It’s time for a six-year maintenance service.
  • Extinguishers are mounted at the proper height.

Once the inspection is completed, we replace the tamper seal and retag the extinguisher.

Why Choose Liberty Fire Solutions?

Our customer-first philosophy means you receive fire extinguisher services from dedicated professionals with an unwavering commitment to safety and customer satisfaction.

Our record of providing exceptional fire safety solutions using the industry’s most sophisticated technology makes us the go-to fire safety professionals throughout Central Pennsylvania and surrounding communities.

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FAQs About Fire Extinguishers

No. Commercial fire extinguishers are rated for specific usage based on particular hazards. For example, a dry chemical extinguisher isn’t effective for kitchen fires, as it can worsen the problem. Our experts can help you select the ideal fire extinguishers based on your facility’s needs.

Fire alarms and extinguishers join forces to protect people and property from a fire’s devastating effects. Fire alarms alert occupants to evacuate the building, and many also alert the fire department to dispatch a truck. Fire extinguishers can help quickly douse an emerging fire.

Corrosion, which can cause leaks and potential component failure during use, is the most common cause of fire extinguisher failures. The second most common causes are damage to the pin and hose blockages.