Fire Sprinkler System Inspection in Pennsylvania

While installing a fire sprinkler system in your Pennsylvania business is a great step toward superior, around-the-clock fire protection, you can’t just put the system in and then put the issue to rest. Fire sprinkler equipment must be routinely inspected, tested, and maintained in order to keep protecting your business correctly!

At Liberty Fire Solutions, our experienced fire protection specialists are more than happy to put our 40 years of experience to use providing complete fire sprinkler inspection services. We tailor our inspections according to your schedule and needs, while strictly following all NFPA regulations.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections in Central Pennsylvania

How often a sprinkler system should be inspected depends on a variety of factors. There are quarterly and annual inspections, three-year inspections, five-year inspections, and inspections that become necessary under certain conditions. Our team builds a customized inspection plan according to your specific needs, ensuring your fire sprinkler system gets the professional care necessary so that you never need to stress about whether or not it’ll kick on when you need it.

Our fire sprinkler inspections follow federal, state, and local codes as well as regulations provided by the NFPA. Not only can we help to keep your business safe—we can keep you code-compliant, too.

  • Quarterly fire sprinkler inspection – Quarterly inspections focus on supervisory devices, gauges, and certain mechanical tests as required by NFPA.
  • Annual fire sprinkler inspection – Annual inspections are a NFPA requirement, which includes a visual inspection from the floor of the exposed sprinkler system and thorough testing of all mechanical devices.
  • Five-year inspections – Five-year testing is an additional testing requirement for certain sprinkler systems. The five-year inspection is an internal inspection of a portion of the sprinkler system piping and certain sprinkler valves.

Inspections should also be sought any time significant changes are made to the structure or layout of your building.

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Our inspections are comprehensive and thorough, keeping your business protected, code-compliant, and in line with any unique requirements specified by your insurance company. We are your leading source of experienced fire sprinkler services including inspections, testing, maintenance, and more.

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