Exit & Emergency Lighting Services in Pennsylvania

Part of being properly equipped to survive a fire event is having the right exit and emergency lighting added in your commercial building. Sufficient lighting is required by law in most commercial settings in order to ensure all occupants are able to evacuate the premises safely. Whether you need exit and emergency lighting installed, repaired, or inspected, Liberty Fire Solutions has the services you need to bring improved safety to your commercial building.

Liberty Fire Solutions is Central Pennsylvania’s go-to destination for all things fire safety. With more than 40 years of experience in fire safety engineering, our team has developed the finest equipment available for keeping businesses and their occupants well prepared during an emergency.

Exit & Emergency Lighting Services

Exit and emergency lighting is essential for helping building occupants escape a fire event safely. When an emergency strikes—such as a power outage, fire, or natural disaster—emergency lighting equipment will illuminate the path to safe evacuation for those still inside the building. Liberty Fire Solutions offers comprehensive exit and emergency lighting services for Central Pennsylvania businesses, including:

  • Exit & Emergency Lighting Inspections: Make sure your equipment is capable of handling an emergency by scheduling annual inspections with your local fire safety professionals at Liberty Fire Solutions.
  • Exit & Emergency Lighting Repair: When your emergency lighting malfunctions, get the fast, efficient repair services you need from a team of knowledgeable fire safety technicians.

Our team will take special care to ensure your emergency lighting is sufficient to meet current regulations and promote safe evacuation for all building occupants. Bring improved safety and peace of mind to your building—request a quote for exit and emergency lighting services with Liberty Fire Solutions today!

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Why Choose Liberty Fire Solutions for Exit & Emergency Lighting?

Liberty Fire Solutions has worked for more than 40 years to perfect our exit and emergency lighting offerings. With fire safety technicians on hand, our team has engineered some of the safest exit and emergency lighting solutions available. Each of our top-rated solutions is backed by ServiceTrade, our unique solution for streamlined communications and instant incident reporting through a web-based customer portal.

When you’re looking to light the path to safety in your commercial building, look no further than Liberty Fire Solutions for all your exit and emergency lighting needs. Our team will make sure your emergency lighting system is fully functional to provide you with the improved safety you need to survive an emergency situation. Contact us today to request a quote for your Central Pennsylvania exit and emergency lighting!