Fire Protection Services in Martinsburg, PA

The latest report from the National Fire Protection Association states that every 65 seconds, there is a structure fire in the U.S., with annual property damages in excess of $15 billion. Fire protection systems are vital to the safety of your commercial structure and its occupants, and installations, testing, and maintenance must be performed by a certified, experienced professional. With over 40 years of dedicated service and only the finest quality fire suppression and prevention products and services, Liberty Fire Solutions has earned the distinction as the premier source for commercial fire protection services in the Martinsburg, PA area.

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Fire Suppression System Installation Services in Martinsburg

Fire suppression systems are the first line of defense against a devastating fire and can help to reduce or eliminate the risk of death, injury, or damage to your structure and contents. Our extensive line of fire suppression products and services is designed to enhance safety and compliance regulations and protocols across all industries, with custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements, including the following fire safety systems:

Liberty Fire Solutions utilizes the finest mobile field software from ServiceTrade, which allows for more efficient, streamlined communications, enhanced reporting, and instant access to records and information. Contact us online to learn more about our fire suppression installation services, or call Liberty Fire Solutions at 844-291-9856 today!

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Martinsburg Fire Safety Inspections & Testing

Routine fire safety inspections and testing of all fire protection systems are needed to ensure the efficient, reliable performance of the equipment in the event of a fire. Our skilled technicians are among the top in their field and are exceptionally trained and qualified to perform the following inspection and testing services:

Fire safety inspections and testing services from Liberty Fire Solutions are designed to maintain the optimal performance and efficiency of your fire safety systems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in the Martinsburg area, or call 844-291-9856 and let us know how we can help. 

Fire Safety Training Services for Martinsburg Area Businesses

Fire safety training services help to ensure that on-site employees are equipped to safely and efficiently manage an emergency situation on your premises. In most commercial environments, fire safety training is required by OSHA, and participation is needed to remain compliant. Our services help to prepare designated team members to take the steps needed to ensure the safety and well-being of building occupants, with training that includes:

  • How to accurately maintain fire equipment
  • How to create an effective emergency plan
  • How to develop the best evacuation route
  • How to identify a variety of different fire events
  • How to implement fire safety protocols and drills
  • How to operate all fire suppression equipment

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Liberty Fire Solutions for Martinsburg Fire Safety Needs

Whether you need fire system installation, maintenance, inspection, or repairs, Liberty Fire Solutions has you covered. Contact us to schedule expert fire safety services in the Martinsburg area or call 844-291-9856 today!