Special Hazard Fire Suppression Inspection in Pennsylvania

Special hazard fire suppression systems from Liberty Fire Solutions extinguish fires quickly without endangering occupants or damaging the critical assets they’re designed to protect.

To ensure your system operates as it should during a fire event, our qualified technicians will perform quarterly, semiannual, or annual inspections of the FM-200, Halon, or Novec 1230 suppression systems at your central Pennsylvania or western Maryland business or facility.

We strive to provide businesses with a single point of fire protection resources for all their safety needs.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Systems We Service

Standard fire suppression systems aren’t an option for many businesses and properties, including those that store or use special hazards like chemicals, welding, flammables, and other combustible materials. 

Liberty Fire Solutions offers suppression system inspections for various systems across many industries. The systems we inspect include:

  • FM-200: These waterless, clean-agent fire suppression systems are most often used in locations with sensitive electronic equipment, such as data centers and telecommunications businesses.
  • Halon: While it’s no longer legal to manufacture Halon, this type of fire suppression system is still permitted. Our inspection services ensure your existing system meets NFPA and EPA regulations.
  • Novec 1230: These clean-agent fire suppression systems are similar to FM-200 systems. They suppress fire by removing heat and are located close to the area it protects. Unlike FM-200 systems, the agent is stored as a liquid and is converted into a gas when discharged. Novec 1230 is the safest agent for human-occupied areas and its applications include data processing and industrial facilities.

Our inspection specialists understand the devastating consequences of a faulty special hazard fire suppression system. Routine inspections ensure your system’s reliability and operational readiness.

Our Special Hazard Suppression Inspection Process

Inspections and testing of special hazard fire suppression systems must be performed monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually, depending on the system and local regulations.

During the inspection process, our trained technicians will:

  • Look for missing, damaged, or obstructed devices
  • Check for system additions or modifications
  • Examine systems for faulty wiring and any other issues that might impair the system’s control panel

We also:

  • Check clean agent initiating and releasing devices
  • Visually inspect piping and replace/test detection devices
  • Review all discharge, pipe fittings, nozzles, and batteries
  • Inspect agent cylinders to verify weight and gauge pressure, the need for testing, or signs of damage

Our inspections adhere to local, state, and federal regulations, so you can rest easy knowing your business meets current standards.

Why Choose Liberty Fire Solutions?

Special hazard fire protection systems swiftly detect heat conditions or incipient fires and suppress them where standard sprinklers are unsuitable. They protect people, limit the loss of assets, and mitigate business interruption and downtime.

Liberty Fire Solutions has served Central Pennsylvania and Western Maryland businesses and facilities for over 40 years. Our skilled team understands how vital fire safety is to your business.

As the area’s go-to source for fire safety products and solutions, our inspection services ensure total confidence in your system’s performance.

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