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5 Fire Safety Tips for Fire Prevention Month

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A fire in the workplace puts employees and customers at serious risk. It can also destroy your business’s physical assets and bring operations to a complete standstill for weeks or months. When it comes to protecting your company from a devastating fire, prevention is key.

October is Fire Prevention Month, making it an ideal time to review fire safety protocols and assess your workplace for potential fire hazards. Here are our five safety tips for protecting your business from a fire.

Review Safety Procedures With Your Team

Whether you own a small business or run a large company, it’s important that every employee understands how to prevent a fire and what to do if faced with one.

This month, have your employees review emergency action plans, ensure those with leadership or supervisory positions understand their roles in an emergency, and plan a fire drill to identify any weak areas that need to be addressed.

Ensure Evacuation Routes Are Posted & Easy To Navigate

All emergency evacuation route diagrams are posted throughout each room or department. They should be easy to understand and marked with a “you are here” indicator and the fastest and safest route out of the building. All exits should be clearly marked with signage that remains visible even during a power outage.

Eliminate Clutter

It can be easy to overlook accumulating clutter, especially in a business setting when it may not be any one person’s responsibility to identify and eliminate unnecessary stuff. Unfortunately, excess office supplies, equipment, and furniture can quickly become fuel sources.

Even worse, clutter can hinder a person’s quick escape in an emergency when unchecked. At a minimum, limiting any collection of flammable or combustible materials is important.

Inspect Your Fire Extinguishers

Be sure you have the correct number and type of fire extinguishers for your building and workforce. Every extinguisher should be inspected yearly to ensure they’re working correctly. It’s also a good idea to train your employees on the proper way to use fire extinguishers in an emergency.

Practice Chemical Safety

Any chemicals onsite should be stored properly with adequate ventilation. Don’t overlook common chemicals like cleaners and solvents, which are often flammable and may be stored in multiple locations.

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