Paint Spray Booth Systems in Pennsylvania

For workers dealing largely in spray paint or aerosol finishing, conducting business in an uncontrolled environment can be extremely risky. Not only dangerous for potential cross-contamination with other products, but an uncontrolled paint spray environment can also increase your risk for experiencing a catastrophic fire event.

With paint spray booth systems designed by Liberty Fire Solutions, you’ll introduce an essential fire suppression system to your current spray paint operations. Using one of our highly controlled, specially designed paint spray booths, fire suppression systems, our team will bring enhanced safety and improved operations to your business.

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Benefits of Paint Spray Booth Systems for Central Pennsylvania Businesses

Customs paint spray booth systems eliminate the risk associated with conducting spray paint operations in an uncontrolled environment. When you choose to commission a paint spray booth system for your manufacturing business, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Easier coating through controlled humidity, temperature, dust, and other environmental factors

Manufacturers using spray paint processes during normal operations are required to maintain code compliance with NFPA 33. This mandate requires manufacturers to have paint spray booth systems in place that meet specific fire safety codes designed to reduce overspray buildup of flammable materials, increase ventilation, and limit the sources of ignition in paint spray. Liberty Fire Solutions understands the specific requirements for those in need of paint spray booth systems for their manufacturing businesses.

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Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Paint Spray Booth Systems Design & Installation

At Liberty Fire Solutions, our team of expert fire safety technicians carefully considers your paint spray booth needs in order to create a solution that’s perfectly suited to your specifications. For more than 40 years, our team has worked to perfect our fire safety product offerings, designing state-of-the-art equipment suitable for a number of industrial and manufacturing applications. Our team is happy to provide the following paint spray booth system services for Central Pennsylvania business owners:

  • Paint Spray Booth System Design & Installation
  • Paint Spray Booth System Repair
  • Paint Spray Booth System Inspection & Maintenance

Each of our solutions is powered by ServiceTrade, an advanced technological solution that provides a web-based portal for easy customer communications and instant incident reporting. With fire safety technicians on-hand, our team is committed to providing the most sophisticated solutions to Central Pennsylvania business owners.

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When it comes to keeping you and your employees safe, paint spray booth systems offer an unparalleled safety solution for protecting against the possibility of a fire event. By reducing flammable material buildup and moving your spray paint operations to a highly contained, well-ventilated unit, you’ll bring improved safety to your manufacturing business in no time. Contact Liberty Fire Solutions today to get started building your paint spray booth system.

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