FM-200 Fire Suppression in Pennsylvania

Clean agent fire suppression systems are the ideal answer for businesses requiring fire protection systems that will not introduce the risk of property damage due to moisture. As your top provider of fire safety services in the Central Pennsylvania and Blair County area, Liberty Fire Solutions gladly provides comprehensive fire suppression services specifically dedicated to FM-200 suppression systems. Whether you need new system sales and installation, repairs, or routine inspection, we have you covered.

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FM-200 Fire Suppression System Inspection & Maintenance

Clean suppression systems require the same rigorous inspection, testing, and maintenance that more traditional suppression or sprinkler systems need. All inspections must follow requirements put forth by the NFPA, and need to also satisfy any particular criteria according to state and local fire safety codes.

At Liberty Fire Solutions we carry over 40 years of experience. Not only are we fully trained in the administration of fire suppression system inspections, we are also adept at meeting the needs of our clients and solving any unique challenges. Our semi-annual fire suppression inspections are comprehensive—when our team is done, there will be no doubt whether your system is up to snuff or in need of further servicing.

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FM-200 Fire Suppression System Sales & Installation

FM-200 fire suppression offers a waterless, clean agent fire suppression solution that is widely valued in businesses where sensitive materials are present. Common business types include data centers and server rooms, museums and galleries, office buildings, medical facilities, and others. When the system activates it will rapidly disperse a gas into areas at risk, extinguishing fires in a very short span of time while leaving no residue.

FM-200 offers many substantial benefits for commercial businesses, including:

  • Effective for extinguishing Class A, B, and C fires for full general fire protection coverage
  • FM-200 is non-conductive, making it safe around electronic equipment
  • The material left behind quickly evaporates into harmless gas
  • FM-200 is an environmentally friendly fire suppression system
  • FM-200 is completely non-toxic, and thus safe in working areas

Liberty Fire offers full pre-engineered FM-200 services, including new system estimates, sales, and installation. Our experienced service team can assess your needs, make recommendations accordingly, and then provide a complete new system install and integration so that your business can stay fully safe in the event of a blaze.

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Our primary focus is always on keeping our clients, and their clients, safe and well prepared for the potential dangers of a structure fire. With four decades of experience and a complete understanding of how fire suppression systems operate and are best applied, we are the comprehensive fire safety company to trust in Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities.

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A clean, colorless, and environmentally friendly fire suppressant, FM-200 is electronically non-conductive and perfectly safe for humans. Because the system extinguishes flames mostly through heat absorption, it’s even safe for use in areas where people are present.

It stands for heptafluoropropane, aka HFC-227ea, which is a colorless gas that is liquified under pressure for storage.

FM-200 reaches extinguishing levels in about 10 seconds or less. That makes it an incredibly fast fire suppressant method for electrical, flammable liquid, and ordinary combustible fires. Your business suffers less physical damage, sees lower repair costs, and minimizes the downtime and disruption of everyday operations.

Yes, FM-200 is what’s known as a clean agent fire suppressant. Designed to suppress a fire while it’s still in its initial stage, FM is also “clean” in another way. Because the fast-vaporizing gases don’t leave any residue after they dissipate, post-fire cleanup is much easier and quicker. FM-200 is offered by all of the major fire suppression system manufacturers in the country.

The agent discharged from the FM-200 fire suppressant changes from a liquid to a vapor and then extinguishes fires primarily through heat absorption. It also disrupts the typical combustion reaction that occurs with fires. FM-200 does not extinguish a fire by depleting oxygen.

There are no current federal regulations against the use of FM-200 as a fire suppressant.

No, FM-200 has an “ozone depletion potential” of zero, which means it’s safe for the earth’s ozone layer. In fact, FM-200 contributes only 0.02% of total global warming potential.

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