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Fire Safety Checklist for New Business Owners

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With over 100,000 fires reported annually, the need to prioritize fire safety in commercial properties cannot be overstated.

While the frequency of commercial fires has decreased in recent years, the costs associated with repairing fire damage have skyrocketed, with estimates showing that commercial fires cost business owners over $2.4 billion annually. That’s why it’s crucial that your business does all it can to preserve the safety and integrity of your building and its occupants.

Below, the fire safety experts at Liberty Fire Solutions offer a comprehensive fire safety checklist for new business owners to ensure their buildings remain safe during a potential fire.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers are one of the first lines of defense during a fire, rapidly releasing water to smother fires and prevent them from spreading. Business owners must schedule regular inspections of these systems.

Professional maintenance and prompt repair is also essential. Liberty Fire Solutions can meet your fire sprinkler service needs with unmatched precision and care.

Fire Extinguishers

It’s important to test and inspect your fire extinguishers to ensure they’re ready to operate during a fire. Schedule inspections and repairs promptly and store fire extinguishers in easily accessible areas marked with instructions for all employees, staff, and building occupants.

Fire Suppression Systems

Liberty Fire Solutions has decades of experience serving a variety of industries, including those requiring special hazard fire suppression systems. Our experts can meet your service needs, whether you need an inspection, repair, or installation.

Whether you have a kitchen fire suppression system or special hazard system, Liberty Fire Solutions is your partner for comprehensive service.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

During a fire, it’s essential to have emergency lighting in place so all building occupants can navigate the property and make their way to safety. Install emergency lighting throughout your building to enhance visibility and safety in all major pathways and provide a clear path to safety.

Conduct regular inspections of your emergency lighting to ensure they’re functioning correctly and are prepared to light the way to safety during an evacuation.

Fire Safety Training

While it’s important to ensure your building has the systems it needs to combat a fire, empowering your employees and staff with fire safety training is equally critical. Set aside time to teach your employees about fire safety, fire suppression, and first aid to reduce the likelihood of smaller fires escalating into catastrophic emergencies.

Depending on your specific industry and building layout, your fire safety training may require specific curricula for key employees.

Vehicle Fire Suppression

Protect your fleet of commercial vehicles with our fire suppression solutions. Our specialists can ensure your vehicle fire suppression system is ready to operate by offering expert inspections, repairs, and installations.

Whether your business uses construction or farming equipment, mass transit vehicles, or more, our team is uniquely capable of meeting all your needs.

Trust Liberty Fire Solutions With Your Business’s Fire Safety Needs

Looking for ways to keep your building safe and compliant with local fire safety codes and regulations? Liberty Fire Solutions can help. For over 40 years, our fire safety experts have provided the comprehensive fire suppression solutions commercial property owners need to protect their buildings from catastrophic damage.

Offering high-quality products and services backed by the industry’s most sophisticated technology, we’re confident in our ability to keep commercial properties safe from lasting fire damage.

Request a quote for fire safety services in Central/Eastern Pennsylvania or Western Maryland by contacting our team today. 

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