Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems in Pennsylvania

Fire suppression and prevention can be challenging, especially when considering the different applications for which fire safety equipment is meant to be used. Depending on your specific industry and building specifications, you’ll need to maintain code compliance as set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency. Meeting these requirements is made simple when you choose Liberty Fire Solutions for your clean agent fire suppression system needs.

Liberty Fire Solutions’ team of highly skilled fire safety technicians has worked for more than 40 years to bring advanced fire suppression solutions to business owners across a wide variety of industry settings. When you need clean agent fire suppression systems for your commercial building or business, contact our team to discover your available options today!

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems for Central Pennsylvania

Liberty Fire Solutions provides a wide variety of fire suppression system solutions designed to bring enhanced safety and dependability to your business. Our team is proud to offer the following safety system services:

  • Halon Fire Suppression System Services: While the EPA banned new Halon 1301 system manufacturing, our team can still provide you with the inspection, recharging, and repair services you need to keep your suppression system in operation. When you’re ready to remove your existing Halon 1301 system for a more environmentally friendly solution, our team can help remove and install a brand-new suppression system to provide you with continued protection from a fire event.
  • FM-200 Fire Suppression System Services: Especially for business owners working in IT, telecommunications, and other environments where sensitive electronic equipment is present, FM-200 fire suppression units provide an excellent fire safety solution. By discharging clean suppressant gas onto the surface of combustible materials, FM-200 fire suppression systems can quickly and easily prevent fire damages and reduce the amount of impacted equipment.
  • Novec Fire Suppression System Services: Featuring the lowest atmospheric lifetime of five days and zero ozone depletion, Novec 1230 fire suppression systems are among the eco-friendliest solutions. An excellent option for computer rooms, electrical control rooms, storage facilities, and other high-value spaces, Novec 1230 fire suppression systems quickly and easily mitigate flame damage by deploying clean agent suppressant directly to the affected areas.

Whether you require installation, inspection, or repair, our team has the skills and tools you need to service all your fire suppression system solutions. Make fire safety a top priority for your commercial building by contacting our team to schedule fire suppression system services today!

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Why Choose Liberty Fire Solutions for Your Central Pennsylvania Fire Suppression Systems?

For more than 40 years, our team of fire safety professionals has worked tirelessly to perfect our state-of-the-art product offerings. We understand the specific requirements for meeting fire safety codes across a wide variety of industries, including education, hospitality, agriculture, mining, telecommunications, IT, and more. Our team also uses ServiceTrade technology to make streamlined customer communication and instant incident reporting a reality for improved safety and reliability. When it comes to your fire safety needs, we believe you deserve the best the industry has to offer.

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Your fire safety needs are our top priority. Offering a wide range of top-quality fire suppression systems suitable for virtually any commercial building, Liberty Fire Solutions has the products and services you need to make it safely through a fire event. Bring improved safety and reliability to your commercial building by scheduling service with our team today!

Areas We Serve

Liberty Fire Solutions is proud to serve Central Pennsylvania, including Altoona, Bedford, Bellefonte, Claysburg, Clearfield, Cumberland, DuBois, Ebensburg, Hollidaysburg, Huntingdon, Indiana, Johnstown, Lewistown, Martinsburg, Mount Union, Philipsburg, Roaring Spring, Somerset, State College, and Williamsburg.