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Backflow Systems Inspection in Pennsylvania

Fire sprinkler systems are an imperative part of keeping your commercial property safe in the event of a fire. However, despite what you might expect, the water supply contained within a sprinkler system is not guaranteed to be free of contaminants. It is absolutely critical that your sprinkler system’s water does not integrate with the municipal water supply or your business’s personal potable water supply.

This is why backflow prevention systems installed within a sprinkler setup are so important. Backflow systems must be installed, inspected consistently, and repaired in the event of damage. Liberty Fire Solutions is your comprehensive provider of all fire protection services in Central Pennsylvania, including backflow systems inspection related services.

Do you need backflow prevention inspections or service? Contact Liberty Fire Solutions online, or call (814) 239-3473 to schedule an appointment.

How Frequently Do Backflow Prevention Systems Require Inspection?

Once a backflow prevention device has been installed, it should require very little in terms of frequent servicing. The system involves little more than a valve and piping. However, the simplicity of the device can be deceptive, as it puts backflow preventers very much on the “out of sight, out of mind” list for many business owners. But backflow can happen at any time should your system fail, and you may not even know it until the contaminated water has been used or consumed in your business.

Backflow prevention systems should be professionally inspected and tested once a year at a minimum. Testing includes utilizing the backflow systems integrated testing ports, which allow a technician to tap into the system and use an approved testing kit to verify proper function. Testing and inspection also include component visual inspections, checks for signs of contamination and corrosion, and more.

Liberty Fire Solutions can not only provide routine backflow prevention system inspections and tests, but also keep track of your needs in order to ensure you receive testing as needed. This way your business can be secure in the fact that you are remaining OSHA compliant, and that your business is not risking cross-contamination.

Contact Liberty Fire Solutions for Backflow Prevention System Testing in Central Pennsylvania

As your one-stop shop for fire protection services and associated systems services, Liberty Fire Solutions is proud to offer customized solutions and quality, dependable workmanship. We put the safety of your business first, and strive to ensure all of our clients remain secure in the face of a possible fire, and code-compliant to help in avoiding unnecessary complications or fees.

If you need annual backflow preventer inspections or backflow testing, call (814) 239-3473 or reach out to our team online now!

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