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Fire Sprinkler System Services

Fire sprinklers have served as the first line of defense against structure fires for over a century. If your Central Pennsylvania business isn’t equipped with a reliable fire sprinkler system, you might be putting your employees, customers, and inventory at risk.

Keep your building up to code and increase your peace of mind with fire sprinkler services from Liberty Fire Solutions. We provide the services you need to keep your fire sprinkler system running smoothly, including annual inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

The Importance of Fire Sprinklers

Sprinklers are a vital part of any fire protection system. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire sprinklers reduce injury rates by 27% and reduce loss of life by 89%. They also operate correctly in 92% of structure fires large enough to activate them and effectively control the blaze 96% of the time.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Even a correctly installed fire sprinkler system needs routine inspections and testing to ensure it continues operating correctly. Our fire sprinkler inspections comply with NFPA 25 regulations.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance & Repair

Repairing fire sprinkler issues as soon as possible is vital to avoid system malfunctions when you need your sprinklers the most. Liberty Fire Solutions can repair damaged sprinkler heads, valves, fire pumpsbackflow systems, and other components.

Our experienced technicians are skilled in these types of sprinkler systems:

  • Wet pipe sprinklers
  • Dry pipe sprinklers
  • Pre-action sprinklers
  • Foam sprinklers
  • Deluge sprinklers
  • Antifreeze sprinklers
  • Standpipes and hose sprinklers
  • Fire sprinkler part upgrades

With proper servicing, your fire sprinkler system should protect your building for decades. Even so, components sometimes wear out.

Rest assured that Liberty Fire Solutions stocks replacement parts for every kind of fire sprinkler system, and we’re available 24 hours a day to provide emergency fire sprinkler services.

Request Fire Sprinkler Services in Central Pennsylvania

Liberty Fire Solutions has over 40 years of experience providing quality fire suppression and prevention services to businesses in Central Pennsylvania. The industries we serve include manufacturing plants, restaurants and hotels, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and many others.

Our top priorities are your safety and code compliance, so we’ll do everything we can to protect your people and property from fire.

Contact Liberty Fire Solutions for more information about inspecting your fire sprinkler system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Does my business need a fire sprinkler system?

While the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets the standards for fire safety, most rules and regulations are determined by local municipalities and jurisdictions.

Pennsylvania businesses are governed by Section (F) 903.1 of the state’s Chapter 9 Fire Protection Systems code for automatic sprinklers, which covers installation, monitoring, testing, and maintenance requirements.

How do commercial fire sprinkler systems work?

The sprinkler system pipes in your building’s walls and ceilings store water. The sprinkler heads have a fusible link that melts from the fire’s heat. When the link melts away, the sprinkler head opens and evenly sprays water or chemicals to ensure the flames are extinguished.

Do all sprinkler heads go off at the same time?

Each head in a commercial fire sprinkler system is individually activated. So, the entire system won’t be activated if a fire breaks out in a storage room. The only heads triggered are those in the storage area.

Are commercial fire sprinkler systems expensive to maintain?

By scheduling regular maintenance for your facility’s sprinkler system, you avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Do fire sprinklers detect smoke?

No. Most commercial fire sprinklers detect and react to heat, not smoke. This means smoke from cigarettes, vape pens, and burning food will not set off a fire sprinkler.

Do fire sprinklers run on electricity?

Not usually. All fire sprinkler systems rely on water pressure, but only some require electricity to operate a fire pump, which supplies water to each sprinkler head. For this reason, your system may or may not require a backup power source.

Can fire sprinklers go off accidentally?

Yes. Anything that breaks the glass bulb or melts the fusible link in a sprinkler head will start the flow of water. Fire sprinklers can be concealed behind a cover plate to protect against accidental impact without compromising fire safety.

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