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Fire Extinguisher Sales in Central Pennsylvania

Being prepared for a fire event in your office starts with purchasing the right fire extinguisher. There are many different types of fire extinguishers available, and understanding which is best for your specific needs will help better prepare you for an emergency situation. Liberty Fire Solutions is Pennsylvania’s one-stop solution for fire extinguisher sales.

When you’re looking to purchase a fire extinguisher for your home or business, contact the team at Liberty Fire Solutions for expert sales assistance. 

Fire Extinguisher Classes & Sizing

Each fire extinguisher is designed a little differently based on its anticipated applications. Fire extinguishers come in four distinct classes that determine which kind of fire event it is most suitable for containing:

  • Class A: Suppression of ordinary combustibles, such as wood, plastic, paper, or cloth
  • Class B: Suitable for oil, gasoline, and other fire events caused by flammable liquids
  • Class C: Provide protection for electrical fire events
  • Class D: Industrial extinguisher suitable for flammable metals, such as titanium and magnesium

Identifying a fire extinguisher’s class is easy: Each unit displays large letters on its side to indicate which type of fire event it is most suitable for suppressing.

Depending on the hazard class of your building, you’ll be required to purchase fire extinguishers in a specific size. The most common sizes are 2.5-, 5-, and 10-pound. If you’re unsure about which size is best suited to your building, our fire safety experts will be happy to assist you through the fire extinguisher sales process. Contact us today to have your building layout and occupancy evaluated and get matched to the best fire extinguisher for your specific needs.

Purchasing Your Fire Extinguisher

More than class and size, fire extinguisher sales are further complicated by the type of suppression mechanism it utilizes. Below are the different types of fire extinguisher units Liberty Fire Solutions has available for Central Pennsylvania residents:

  • ABC Fire Extinguishers: Using a dry chemical agent, these extinguishers often appear in office buildings where they can easily manage the most common fire events, such as burning wood, paper, plastic, flammable liquids, and electrical fires.
  • Purple K Fire Extinguishers: Ideal for class B and class C fire events, these units are typically purchased by oil, gas, chemical, and utility workers and use a purple-colored, electrically nonconductive dry chemical agent to suppress flames.
  • CO2 Fire Extinguishers: Well-suited for class B and C fires, CO2 fire extinguishers quickly smother flames using a cloud of carbon dioxide without causing harm to electrical equipment and other affected devices. These fire extinguishers are not suitable for class A fire events as the discharge speed can cause burning materials to blow away and exacerbate the fire.
  • Kitchen Class Fire Extinguishers: Best for commercial kitchens, K-Guard kitchen-class fire extinguishers use liquid fire suppressant to quickly combat flames and cool off grease, forming a protective vapor that minimizes further spread of a fire event.
  • Cleanguard Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers: Using clean agent chemical suppressant, these fire extinguishers deploy electrically nonconductive, eco-friendly suppressant to protect against class A, B, and C fires, and are ideal for use in data centers, control rooms, laboratories, and hospitals.

Contact Liberty Fire Solutions today to explore your fire extinguisher options and keep your Central Pennsylvania building protected! 

Call Liberty Fire Solutions to Purchase Fire Extinguishers

Don’t gamble with your fire safety: Liberty Fire Solutions has the fire extinguishers you need to stay well protected during an emergency. Get expert sales assistance from a team of highly skilled fire safety technicians by contacting us today for your fire extinguisher sales service!

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