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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services in Central Pennsylvania

Fire extinguishers are exceptional devices that—when used properly—can save lives during a fire event. Mandatory in all commercial buildings, fire extinguishers are an essential tool with which every  Central Pennsylvania business owner or property manager should be familiar. Simply having a fire extinguisher on-site isn’t sufficient—fire extinguishers require routine inspections to ensure their ability to perform as needed during an emergency.

At Liberty Fire Solutions, our team of expert fire safety professionals provides Central Pennsylvania with the fire extinguisher inspection services they need to ensure their system’s safety and performance. With more than 40 years of fire prevention and suppression experience, our team is uniquely capable of handling all your fire extinguishers’ service requirements. Contact our team today to schedule your fire extinguisher inspection.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Requirements in Central Pennsylvania

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) sets the requirements for professional inspections for fire extinguishers. Currently, the NFPA mandates that commercial sites establish a monthly inspection routine on-site by training employees to visually inspect for damage, discharge, improper tagging, and other abnormalities.

In addition to these monthly inspections, a professional fire safety technician should also perform a routine inspection on your fire extinguisher. Professional inspections are required to occur at annual intervals. Each time your unit is professionally inspected, it must be recorded using the documentation methods outlined by the NFPA. Keeping these documents readily available for safety audits will help protect you from incurring fines and other legal repercussions. Schedule your fire extinguisher inspection services today by contacting the team at Liberty Fire Solutions!

Central Pennsylvania Source for Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services

At Liberty Fire Solutions, our team has extensive knowledge of the fire extinguisher inspection process. Each component of your fire extinguisher must be thoroughly inspected to ensure the utmost safety in your commercial building. During your fire extinguisher inspection appointment, our team will ensure the following:

  • Fire extinguishers appear in the proper location according to NFPA 10 guidelines
  • Inspect for physical damage, including on the spray nozzle, hose connector, operating levers, and safety pin
  • Verify the accuracy and functionality of the pressure gauge
  • Certify that all operating instructions are visible and easy to read
  • Check the tag for inspection records, adding the date and technician initials for the current inspection upon completion

Using our thorough inspection process, Liberty Fire Solutions will verify that your fire extinguisher is prepared to handle a fire event. Bring improved safety to you, your employees, and your property by ensuring your fire extinguisher is more than capable of suppressing a fire event. Contact Liberty Fire Solutions today to schedule inspection services at your Central Pennsylvania business.

Call Liberty Fire Solutions for Your Fire Extinguisher Inspection Needs

When it’s time for your fire extinguisher to undergo professional inspection, don’t settle for second best. Get the thorough, comprehensive inspection services you need to maintain NFPA compliance by scheduling fire extinguisher inspection service with Liberty Fire Solutions. Our team has the skills and experience necessary to catch even the smallest system error, ensuring the utmost safety and protection in your commercial building. Contact our team to schedule fire extinguisher inspection services for your Central Pennsylvania business today!

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