Fire Protection Services in Reading, PA

To keep your building protected during a fire, it’s essential to have the right systems in place to minimize your risk of catastrophic damage. Liberty Fire Solutions delivers the state-of-the-art fire protection services that Reading business owners trust to keep their buildings safe, from vehicle fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers to exit and emergency lighting.

With over 40 years of industry experience and the most sophisticated products and services at an affordable price, there’s no better team to handle your fire protection needs than Liberty Fire Solutions.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Vehicle Fire Suppression

While keeping your building safe during a fire event is a top priority for business owners, it’s equally important to ensure your fleet of commercial vehicles is adequately protected. Liberty Fire Solutions offers a variety of vehicle fire suppression solutions designed to protect your commercial vehicles in the event of a fire.

We specialize in providing vehicle fire suppression systems for:

  • Construction equipment
  • Farming equipment
  • Mass transit and buses
  • Off-road mining equipment
  • And more

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is often the first line of defense during a fire event, offering an easily accessible suppression solution to mitigate flame damage. Our team is proud to provide Reading business owners with the fire extinguisher products and services they need to keep their properties protected:

  • Fire extinguisher sales & installationWe offer comprehensive sales and installations tailored to meet your specific safety needs.
  • Fire extinguisher inspectionWe verify the condition and functionality of your fire extinguishers, ensuring optimal performance when needed. 
  • Fire extinguisher repairOur team can repair your fire extinguishers to ensure complete functionality and compliance with fire safety standards. 
  • Fire extinguisher rechargingWe perform thorough fire extinguisher recharging with precision and care to maintain readiness in case of emergencies. 
  • Fire extinguisher trainingOur comprehensive training sessions educate people on the proper use and handling of fire extinguishers. 

Exit & Emergency Lighting

One of the most critical aspects of fire safety is ensuring a clear path to safety during a fire. With exit and emergency lighting, you can enhance visibility in your building during an emergency and provide occupants with an easy-to-follow evacuation route.

Whether you’re looking for exit and emergency lighting repairs or need your existing setup inspected, Liberty Fire Solutions is here to help light the way to safety.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Commercial kitchens are some of the most fire-prone places, posing unique threats to Reading restaurateurs. Our kitchen fire suppression solutions are specially designed to combat these threats, delivering the comprehensive protection that commercial property owners need:

Special Hazard Fire Suppression

Whether you’re a manufacturing facility, medical office, or industrial plant, it’s important to ensure your building has protective equipment in place to combat the unique fire hazards in your building.

Our team offers a wide variety of special hazard fire suppression solutions, including:

Why Choose Liberty Fire Solutions?

For over 40 years, Liberty Fire Solutions has delivered the powerful fire protection solutions that Reading-area business owners trust to keep their properties safe.

Offering high-quality products and services at an affordable price, we empower Reading business owners with the most sophisticated technology, ensuring their properties remain safe during a fire event.

Keep your building safe with help from our team — contact us today to get a quote for fire protection services in Reading, PA.