Fire Protection Services in Allentown, PA

A fire at your property can be incredibly costly. Unfortunately, preventing fires completely is impossible, but you can limit the damage they could cause. Liberty Fire Solutions is here to help.

We install fire protection and suppression systems in Allentown, PA. Our experts provide system installation, testing, and employee training. With our help, you can defend your property from fires.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Vehicle Fire Suppression 

Vehicle fires can be a danger for your drivers and your business. If your large machinery or trucks catch on fire, a vehicle fire suppression system could save lives. Choose Liberty Fire Solutions for vehicle fire suppression services.

We can equip buses, mining machinery, farming equipment, construction vehicles, and more with proper fire suppression tools. Rely on us for vehicle fire suppression inspectionsrepairs, and installations.

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Fire Extinguishers 

One of the best ways to provide added safety to your property is with fire extinguishers. When your employees or guests have access to fire extinguishers, they can clear a path to an exit during a fire. Commercial properties require a certain number of fire extinguishers, properly located and charged at all times.

Liberty Fire Solutions offers comprehensive fire extinguisher services in Allentown, including inspectionsrepairs, and installations.

When you need new fire extinguishers for your property, turn to Liberty Fire Solutions. Call 844-291-9856 to request a quote.

Exit & Emergency Lighting 

It’s vital to have proper exit signs and emergency lighting in the event of a fire. Liberty Fire Solutions offers all the emergency signage services you may need. Count on us for exit and emergency lighting inspections and repairs.

Ensure your property has all the proper emergency lighting and signage you need. Request a quote for exit and emergency lighting services in Allentown, PA, by calling 844-291-9856.

Kitchen Fire Suppression 

Commercial kitchens are some of the most high-risk areas for fires. However, they can be safer with the right systems and tools in place. Liberty Fire Solutions offers kitchen fire suppression services in Allentown and beyond, including inspectionsrepairs, and installations.

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Special Hazard Fire Suppression 

While water is an excellent option for putting out most fires, sometimes it can cause more harm than good. In these instances, other chemicals are needed to extinguish a fire. Liberty Fire Solutions provides options for special hazard areas of your property.

We can install these systems in spaces such as:

  • Data centers and computer rooms
  • Science and chemical labs
  • Commercial kitchen spaces
  • Spray paint rooms and vehicle painting spaces

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Why Choose Liberty Fire Solutions?

For over 40 years, Liberty Fire Solutions has been a leader in fire suppression services. No matter your industry, our experts have the ideal solutions you need to shield your property from fires.

We proudly serve Eastern Pennsylvania, including Allentown. Look no further than Liberty Fire Solutions for all your fire protection service needs. 

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