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Special Hazard Fire Suppression Services

Does your business have unique or irreplaceable assets that you can’t risk having damaged by fire extinguishers or water? Special hazard fire suppression systems extinguish fires in places where fire sprinklers could cause unsalvageable and costly water damage to structures and other assets.

Liberty Fire Solutions offers superior fire suppression solutions, including FM-200, foam suppression, and Halon systems, tailored to address special hazards at your central Pennsylvania or western Maryland business or facility.

Our Special Hazard Fire Suppression Services

Engineer with tablet checks red generator pump for water sprinkler piping and fire alarm control system.Special hazard fire protection systems can quickly detect the heat from a fire and suppress it when sprinklers are not appropriate. These systems protect people, limit the loss of assets, and mitigate business interruption and downtime.

With over 40 years of experience designing and installing special hazard fire suppression systems, Liberty Fire Solutions is the go-to source for commercial fire safety in central Pennsylvania and western Maryland.

FM-200 Systems

If your business depends on sensitive electronic equipment, an FM-200 fire suppression system is critical to keeping it safe. FM-200 is a waterless, clean-agent fire suppressant that uses a colorless gas called hydrofluorocarbon to suppress fires.

Often used by telecommunication and data center businesses, FM-200 minimizes potential damage to computers, electronics, and communication equipment.

Benefits of FM-200 include:

  • Quick and clean deployment
  • No oily residue, water, or particulate left behind
  • Less damage to equipment and reduced downtime

Liberty Fire Solutions offers comprehensive FM-200 system services, including inspections and maintenance.

Foam Suppression

Water isn’t always a viable option for extinguishing fires in highly flammable spaces or environments. Chemical systems, including foam suppression, are often better. The “foam” in foam suppression is an extinguishing agent used to extinguish combustible or flammable liquid. It smothers both fire and vapors and can prevent reignition.

The foam expelled from a foam suppression system quickly expands up to 1,000 times its size, cutting off oxygen to the fuel source and preventing combustion. Due to their quick deployment, foam suppression systems are an excellent choice for large areas like:

  • Automotive facilities
  • Airports and aircraft hangars
  • Marine facilities
  • Manufacturing warehouses
  • And more

Halon Systems

If your central Pennsylvania or western Maryland business still relies on a Halon special hazard fire suppression system, Liberty Fire Solutions can ensure it operates correctly and meets NFPA and EPA regulations.

If you’re interested in replacing your outdated Halon system with an eco-friendly model, the team at Liberty Fire Solutions can guide you on implementing a new system that still suits your needs.

Choose Liberty Fire Solutions for Your Special Hazard Fire Suppression System

With over four decades of experience, Liberty Fire Solutions is the leading choice of central Pennsylvania and western Maryland businesses for all their special hazard fire suppression needs.

Our team is skilled at working with many different industries to protect their assets from fire damage while keeping operations running smoothly.

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