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Fire Suppression in the Pennsylvania Area

Suppressing a fire in a building is vital to limiting damage and injury. While many systems are available, choosing the right one for your property is critical. Liberty Fire Solutions installs, inspects, and repairs a wide variety of fire suppression systems.

We’ve served Central Pennsylvania and Western Maryland for over 40 years, so you be confident when you choose us for your fire protection needs.

Protect your business with a powerful fire suppression system installed by experts. Request service online to get started.

Special Hazards Fire Suppression Systems

Many fire suppression systems rely on water to put out a fire, but this can cause further damage to the belongings in the vicinity of the fire. Special hazard systems mitigate the risk of extra damage to property and belongings, making them an ideal fire protection solution for:

  • Computer rooms and data centers
  • Spray paint rooms and vehicle painting spaces
  • Chemical plants and science labs
  • Commercial kitchens and cooking areas

Your facility has unique fire protection needs, and Liberty Fire Solutions can ensure each is met. Turn to us when you want to install or recharge any of the following:

FM-200 Fire Suppression

Engineer with tablet check red generator pump for water sprinkler piping and fire alarm control system.These systems provide added protection for electronic devices and appliances. An FM-200 system releases a mix of chemicals directly onto electronics, cooling them to the point where they can’t catch fire.

Halon Fire Suppression

Although rare to find in newer buildings due to EPA restrictions, halon fire suppression systems can quickly release chemicals that disrupt a fire’s ability to ignite. The foam or liquid halon releases quickly and leaves no residue on surfaces.

Novec Fire Suppression

These systems release eco-friendly chemicals that directly affect the fire’s ability to burn. The liquid sprays onto every surface and defends them from catching on fire.

Why Choose Liberty Fire Solutions?

Whether you need a new system installed or an old system inspected, you can depend on Liberty Fire Solutions. For over 40 years, our crew has installed and serviced countless systems, helping defend against fires of all sizes. Count on us to equip your property with a fire suppression system that suits your specific needs.

Make sure you’re protecting your property with the right fire suppression system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer vehicle fire suppression systems?

Yes, we install a number of vehicle fire suppression solutions for use in agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, and public transit. Learn more about our vehicle fire suppression options.

What is a clean agent fire extinguishing system?

Clean agents use gases to suppress fires, rather than water. One advantage of clean agents is there’s no damage to protected areas from the discharge. Clean agent systems also leave no residue after discharge, and they’re safe for humans.

What kind of fire extinguisher does a commercial kitchen need?

Class K fire extinguishers are used in restaurant kitchens. Class K fire extinguishers use saponification to put out fires caused by fats and oils. NEVER use water on a flaming pan of cooking oil!

Water vaporizes and disperses flaming oil, making the fire hazard more dangerous. Learn about proper fire suppression systems for restaurants.

Do fire suppression systems have environmental benefits?

When automatic fire sprinklers are installed, there’s a 98% reduction in greenhouse gases released by burning buildings. Fire sprinklers also reduce the amount of water pollution released into the environment.

Is there a way to avoid water damage due to fire suppression?

Yes. FM-200 fire suppression systems, for example, are waterless fire suppression systems ideal for facilities that need a fire protection system that won’t cause property damage due to moisture.

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