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Fire Suppression in the Pennsylvania Area

The threat of a fire sparking in your Central Pennsylvania commercial business is a very real and constant one. Being adequately prepared with an effective fire suppression system is absolutely paramount to the safety of your employees, clients, and business as a whole. While for some businesses this means having a fire sprinkler system installed, others may not be able to handle large amounts of water or may have restrictions such as sensitive sprinkler spraying from ceiling

To satisfy these conditions and still have proper fire protection in place, Liberty Fire Solutions is proud to provide comprehensive fire suppression systems and support services. Whether you need special hazard fire suppression, commercial kitchen fire suppression, paint booth fire suppression, or other industrial fire suppression systems, our experienced professionals have you covered.

Fire Suppression Systems in Central Pennsylvania

Liberty Fire Solutions is a leading provider of fire protection systems and services. We understand the unique challenges that each business faces in regards to fire safety, and are highly adept at matching your needs with the correct suppression system. Our team is capable of providing an assessment to determine your needs, estimates, and fire suppression system sales and service—it’s our goal to keep your business prepared and fire-safe!Engineer with tablet check red generator pump for water sprinkler piping and fire alarm control system.

The clean chemical suppression systems we offer include:

In addition to new system sales and installs, our team can also handle any associated services including minor repairs, routine maintenance, and inspections.

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Fire Suppression System Inspections

As is the case with any fire protection system or mechanical equipment, fire suppression systems must be routinely inspected and tested to ensure proper function. Liberty Fire Solutions is capable of providing comprehensive semi-annual inspection services that satisfy all criteria laid out by both the NFPA and local/state organizations, giving you access to a team capable of keeping your business compliant and protected.

Our inspections cover all of the following services, and more:

  • Associated detector cleaning and maintenance
  • Shutdown circuit verification
  • Cylinder pressure and content checks
  • Simulate system discharge and a test of releasing circuits
  • Visual inspections of all working components including nozzles, hoses, and others
  • Check hydro test dates for cylinders and discharge hoses to ensure standard

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Schedule Fire Suppression System Service in Central Pennsylvania

Our top priority is keeping your business, employees, and clients safe. If you need to ensure your business is adequately prepared and compliant with all fire safety codes in Pennsylvania, connect with Liberty Fire Solutions about our fire suppression services right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer vehicle fire suppression systems?

Yes, we install a number vehicle fire suppression solutions for use in agriculture, construction, mining, forestry and public transit. Learn more about our vehicle fire suppression options.

What is a clean agent fire extinguishing system?

Clean agents use gases to suppress fires, rather than water. One advantage of clean agents is there is no damage to protected areas from the discharge. Clean agent systems also leave no residue after discharge, and they’re safe for humans.

What kind of fire extinguisher does a commercial kitchen need?

Class K fire extinguishers are used in restaurant kitchens. Class K fire extinguishers use saponification to put out fires caused by fats and oils. NEVER use water on a flaming pan of cooking oil!  Water vaporizes and disperse flaming oil, making the fire hazard more dangerous. Learn about proper fire suppression systems for restaurants.

Do fire suppression systems have environmental benefits?

There is a 98% reduction of greenhouse gases released by burning buildings when automatic fire sprinklers are installed. Fire sprinklers also reduce the amount of water pollution released into the environment.

Is there a way to avoid water damage due to fire suppression?

Yes! FM-200 fire suppression systems, for example, are waterless fire suppression systems that are ideal for facilities that need a fire protection system that won’t cause property damage due to moisture.

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