Products and Services

Complete Line of Portable Fire Extinguishers and Wheeled Units
  • Sales and Service
Complete Line of Accessories
  • Brackets, Cabinets, Covers, Signs
On-Site Mobile Service
  • Fully Equipped Mobile Unit Trucks
Portable Fire Extinguishers and Wheeled Units
  • Annual Maintenance, Recharging, Inspections
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
    • Semi-Annual Inspectioons, UL 300 Upgrades
  • Paint Spray Booth Systems
    • Installation and Maintenance
  • Industrial Systems
    • Installation and Maintenance
  • Off Road Mining Equipment, Farming Equipment, Mass Transit and Small Buses
Sales and Service of Clean Agent Systems
Environmentally Acceptable Fire Fighting Alternatives
  • FM-200, Halon, Novec 1230
Inspections, Maintenance and Minor Repairs
  • Wet Pipe
  • Dry Pipe
  • Pre-Action
  • Foam
  • Deluge
  • Antifreeze
  • Standpipe & Hose
  • Fire Pumps
Backflow Preventer
  • Annual Inspection and Repairs
Sales and Service of Emergency / Exit Lighting
  • Annual Testing, Battery and Bulb Replacement
D.O.T. Hydrostatic Testing Facility
  • Fire Extinguishers, Beverage Cylinders, Industrial Cylinders, Scuba Tanks
Portable Fire Extinguisher Training
Hands-on and Classroom Training to meet OSHA requirements